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Important Note

This article is not completed yet. I’ll continue it.

What’s Git? Git is an open source, distrubited version control system.
It can be used in small or big projects.

But before the diving it, we need to explain what version control is.

Version Control

Let’s imagine our daily simple tasks. We work on files. We add new files,
modify some of them, delete some of them. So, basically, we make changes and save them.
But what if we need to get old version of those files? The solution can be creating
another folder as version_1 and then we can make some changes and keep them in different
folders. But it’s not efficient. Especially while we’re working with a team.

So, that’s the where Git comes into play. Thanks to Git, we can keep our changes history.
Every little changes can be storable and revertable. Also, it provides an efficient way to work with a team on projects.